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Raymond Lodge 1905

History of the house










Olive Bank was originally built in 1732 as a private house called Olive Bank Cottage with very large gardens on land owned  by Lord Salisbury.  

Dr Henry Park, a famous Liverpool surgeon lived there during his retirement. He was said to have attended to the birth of William Gladstone. The 1851 census recorded his elderly daughters as living there along with two house servants.


It was  later occupied by Dr. Arthur Stanley Parkinson and the image above was taken in 1905 when the house had been renamed Raymond Lodge.


Raymond Lodge was bought by the Freemasons in 1930 for £3,500. They  extended the house to hold sports and social activities and the gardens to the rear were converted for crown green bowls with landscaped surrounds. 


Today the house offers excellent sports and social facilities and the gardens provide a very pleasant green space in which to play or watch bowls.

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